What’s your singing roadblock?


Have you ever gone to a show or a concert and wondered what it would be like being in the cast? Have you been to an amateur play or performance and noticed how much camaraderie and fun the people on stage have?

Take a moment to imagine yourself in that performance. You’ve nailed it and the audience are applauding. You.How does it feel?

Maybe you think you need to be a singing expert to join a choir. Maybe you think you need to be able to read music. Maybe you think you need to have learnt singing technique. Maybe you think this is just too out of reach for someone leading an ordinary life.

The Great Day Choir takes you from zero experience to performing at a gig…. in a matter of weeks. And if you don’t want to perform, then it is completely optional anyway! You can enjoy the benefits of coming to the sessions which will improve your confidence and overall wellbeing.

What’s the key to being a part of the performance and enjoying the applause?

Turn up.


Give your self time to learn and develop.

Sing with like minded people.

Be led by someone who will get to know you and find out your strengths.

You can do it!