Do I need to be a good singer?

No. If at the moment you think you don’t have a very good voice, one of the best things about singing in a choir is that your voice blends into the whole sound. There are no auditions. You will not be asked to do a solo.  Our focus is having fun singing songs together in a supportive way. We’ll learn new singing techniques along the way over the course of the year to help build your confidence.

What if I can’t read music?

Do you need to read music to sing Happy Birthday? No! It’s the same here. You will be supported to learn the music in the best way that suits you: with a lyric sheet or by ear or with the music or with a teach track to listen to. If you would like to purchase the musical score, then I will give you details of where you can find it. It’s up to you!

Do I need to come every week?

Songs can sometimes take a few weeks to learn, especially if there are harmony parts to try out. We want you to come away feeling confident. It is best if you can come to as many sessions in row as you can. This also benefits the progress of the whole choir as we rely on each other for the sound we make. If you miss your regular session, you are welcome to attend one of the other sessions that we run during the week.

What kind of songs will we sing?

There’s only one main criteria for the music – it’s got to be positive and make your feel good whilst you’re singing it! I did a survey recently and asked all my friends what their favourite feel good song is. I had an amazing response!

The one thing I discovered is that there are a LOT of great songs out there that we all like and that everyone has different taste too. There are songs from all styles that fit my main song criteria and I hope that we can try a real variety of music from classic rock and pop songs that have stood the test of time to show tunes to gospel choruses to songs from other countries and folk songs.

We will also aim to sing in harmony. Mainly because this is when choirs become really satisfying.

But don’t worry if you have no idea about what part suits your voice – that’s my job to find out. We will do songs which will help you and me decide where you will feel the most comfortable singing. And you can always change if it doesn’t feel right!

Some songs will be sung a cappella and others will be sung with a backing. Sometimes we’ll just use piano to help us along.

But I come back to my first point – the songs need to make us feel good about singing them!

If your question hasn’t been answered or you would like to find out more about The Great Day Choir, then please feel free to email me!